Welcome to the Exercise Expansion Pack

The EEP was developed by Lucas to accelerate advancement toward becoming an elite ball striker. After learning the foundational elements in the original How-To Series, the EEP is the next step toward building precise ballistic movement throughout the various swing components.

Born from decades of research and teaching, these simple and memorable exercises facilitate rapid improvement of complex movement patterns. Double down on training without hitting hundreds of thousands of balls on the range. These exercises are fun and can be done indoors at any time. Feel what it’s like to unweight your left foot with assistance and build overall athleticism. Outside of in-person lessons with Lucas, this is the fastest way forward.

Everyone has basic fixes to common problems. The EEP offers elite fixes to common problems. Let's go!

High hands & unweighted lead foot
Scissoring at impact
Powerful backswing with proper thoracic extension timing
Hip extension and rotation through impact
Lead leg extension & jump

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Exercise Expansion Pack

Included Training Drills
  • 01 Gross Movements Warmup (1:42)
  • 02 The Band Stretch (0:58)
  • 03 The T Bar (1:45)
  • 04 The Powerful Backswing (1:16)
  • 05 The Switchback (1:09)
  • 06 The Ski Pole (1:05)
  • 07 The Vasey (0:49)
  • 08 The Force Couple (1:27)
  • 09 The Medicine Ball PVC (1:35)
  • 10 The Cobra Kai (1:32)
  • 11 The John Daly (1:08)

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