Great Players Golf Myths
Dustin Johnson

Golf myths to debunk

There are many myths about what you should and shouldn’t do to swing the club well.  We highlight a few of our favorites below.  The key is operating the core engine of your swing properly.  The rest of these things – posture, position at the top, keeping your swing short – are largely irrelevant.

1. Shift weight

Shift weight through swing/post up on your left side. Great players show that the left foot is actually unweighting through impact – many greats have a ‘floating’ left foot.

People who do it well

2. Keep your left heel down on backswing

49 of top 51 all-time winners on PGA Tour lifted their left heel on backswing (Tiger and Curtis Strange)

3. Left arm has to be straight at impact

Examples of players with bent left arms at impact

4. Other Myths

Shut clubface at the top

Good posture at setup is important

Don’t over swing

Don’t cross the line at the top

Keep your head down