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Swing like a legend

Lucas Wald is a former touring professional turned golf instructor. He has dedicated himself to identifying and teaching the key elements – the core engine – that the greatest players throughout the history of the game all have in common.

10 biggest golf myths you need to know

Unfortunately, there are a number of persistent myths about the golf swing – people focus on “fixing” parts of their swing that just don’t matter. Instead, people should focus on the engine of the swing that all great players share.
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Lucas Wald Instagram post from December 13 1:53 amTraining tonight with my coach @mikelauro_arktta Been awhile but oh so fun!! 🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓 View on IG 72 6
Lucas Wald Instagram post from December 12 7:04 pm@fasteddie_400 can drive for show and chip for dough! 😜💵 Great action here, can't wait for @pgatourchampions to see 200 mph ball speed and this short game technique!! #flow @brettrumford . View on IG 110 27
Lucas Wald Instagram post from December 11 6:56 pmI like the legs apart in transition but who cares... How you move the middle is what counts. @rorymcilroy vs @cameron__champ Pretty good duo! 💪🏌🏿‍♀️ View on IG 105 8
Lucas Wald Instagram post from December 11 3:03 amBoth graphs are of two pga tour players that have won a major. Both 190lbs and height about 6'2”. But one swings 120+ and one under 110. Can you tell which player swings faster? Hmm, my guess is the top one:). Can anyone decipher why?? . View on IG 62 14
Lucas Wald Instagram post from December 10 1:52 amPumped about this one! Weekend before the @pga show! Hit John or me up for details . View on IG 60 0
Lucas Wald Instagram post from December 9 1:02 amWatching Little John Daly @pncfatherson Someone forgot to tell him to keep those feet on the ground!:). Love it! Not quite the flow of @pga_johndaly but damn good action! View on IG 440 22