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Swing like a legend

Lucas Wald is a former touring professional turned golf instructor. He has dedicated himself to identifying and teaching the key elements – the core engine – that the greatest players throughout the history of the game all have in common.

10 biggest golf myths you need to know

Unfortunately, there are a number of persistent myths about the golf swing – people focus on “fixing” parts of their swing that just don’t matter. Instead, people should focus on the engine of the swing that all great players share.
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Lucas Wald Instagram post from September 20 3:40 pmCan we see which guy @philmickelson or @djohnsonpga has a more rapid closure rate? No drive/hold on either but I know which release I'd pick if I was swinging 120+. Both great golfers obviously 🤷🏻‍♀️ View on IG 113 24
Lucas Wald Instagram post from September 19 3:31 pmI still get questions on spine movements And how the middle works in the golf swing. We put this video out over a year ago explaining it. I'll link in bio for those that missed it. #trainsmart 💪 View on IG 71 6
Lucas Wald Instagram post from September 16 1:00 amDoing some short game work with @argolfpro We are doing some cool testing! Stay tuned! Oh, this isn't the 180 ballspeed engine! Can you tell?! 😂#imitate #chiplikealegend View on IG 92 3
Lucas Wald Instagram post from September 15 5:45 pmPure stuff from @chambleebrandel this week! Was top 20 in GIR's and driving accuracy on @pgatourchampions @allychallenge More strokes like this and look out!! Solid 69 today to cap off the week! @golfchannel #process #growthmindset View on IG 73 8
Lucas Wald Instagram post from September 14 2:58 pmMeet @mfcabada Mario came to our clinics Over the weekend and hit his career best 163 ballspeed!! How about that turn! And tempo!! Fun to see him stripe it!! #wepraisetheprocess #lucaswaldgolf View on IG 92 5
Lucas Wald Instagram post from September 10 7:25 pm@chambleebrandel looking good @allychallenge @pgatourchampions Game on!! #swinglikealegend View on IG 145 4