Swing like a legend

Lucas Wald is a former touring professional turned golf instructor. He has dedicated himself to identifying and teaching the key elements – the core engine – that the greatest players throughout the history of the game all have in common.

How to Swing Like a Pro - Golf Swing Transition

Now it’s time to focus on the transition – this part is probably the most important! Be meticulous in your practice. Start slowly and make sure you’re doing it properly before you speed things up. Get this right and you’ll see that it helps with power, too!
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Lucas Wald Instagram post from April 18 2:33 pmHere's a student showing what years of work and proper mental representations can do! Both full speed. #wepraisetheprocess #inspiring . View on IG 137 17
Lucas Wald Instagram post from April 16 12:35 amSuper proud of @fasteddie_400 for making final 8 @worldlongdrive on @thegolfchannel tomorrow at 4 eastern. Tune in to watch one of the best swings in the game! 💪🏌🏿‍♀️ View on IG 58 10
Lucas Wald Instagram post from April 14 7:16 pmCongrats to @tigerwoods and his family for winning number 15 @themasters Great for golf, great for sport, just great stuff period . View on IG 114 3
Lucas Wald Instagram post from April 12 6:08 pm‪Quiz time! Watching @bkoepka @themasters today with his bent left arm got me thinking about former champions. Can you name other Masters champs with the bent left arm? I'll give a free online assessment to the first person who names the most! No cheating!😊‬ View on IG 118 17
Lucas Wald Instagram post from April 3 1:30 amPretty cool vid I got of ping man from @chriscomogolf @pingtour compared to Jim Furyk.... see any similarities?😜 View on IG 185 7
Lucas Wald Instagram post from March 26 6:43 pmIf you need to hit a drive 400 watch @fasteddie_400 get it done! Finished 2nd yesterday, not bad! Hitting against kids half his age! #justgettingstarted @worldlongdrive thanks @flightscopegolf @callawaygolf . View on IG 144 12