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Swing like a legend

Lucas Wald is a former touring professional turned golf instructor. He has dedicated himself to identifying and teaching the key elements – the core engine – that the greatest players throughout the history of the game all have in common.

10 biggest golf myths you need to know

Unfortunately, there are a number of persistent myths about the golf swing – people focus on “fixing” parts of their swing that just don’t matter. Instead, people should focus on the engine of the swing that all great players share.
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Lucas Wald Instagram post from June 10 6:03 pmGreat work Mandy! Before/after at full speed. And many thanks to @theugp for allowing me to use their great facility in LA. Check them out!! Great team @leo_ugp @blakemycoskie and Makenzie Todd View on IG 90 2
Lucas Wald Instagram post from June 7 5:27 pmGreat work from @roseph_joca Both are full speed! #proper #sequencing #matters #backswing #fundamentals . View on IG 117 2
Lucas Wald Instagram post from June 3 11:36 pmHanging out on set of @golfchannel today with @georgegankasgolf and @chriscomogolf today! Super cool guys and be sure to tune in to upcoming series . View on IG 199 10
Lucas Wald Instagram post from June 3 3:20 amImpressive stuff from @mvegapena today! He can really move! 💪 View on IG 108 6
Lucas Wald Instagram post from May 30 2:29 amWe had to rent a yellow shafted 7 iron but @zenbod rocked it today @weddington_golf_and_tennis 😜🏌🏿‍♀️#process #alwayslearning . View on IG 75 3