Swing like a legend

Lucas Wald is a former touring professional turned golf instructor. He has dedicated himself to identifying and teaching the key elements – the core engine – that the greatest players throughout the history of the game all have in common.

10 biggest golf myths you need to know

Unfortunately, there are a number of persistent myths about the golf swing – people focus on “fixing” parts of their swing that just don’t matter. Instead, people should focus on the engine of the swing that all great players share.
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Lucas Wald Instagram post from March 26 11:44 pm@tourtempo ripping a few drives today at the farm! Can't wait to do more clinics this year!! #levelup 🤙 View on IG 100 6
Lucas Wald Instagram post from March 23 7:34 pmAfter training I decided to destroy the box! Felt good to take out some aggression 💪 View on IG 85 1
Lucas Wald Instagram post from March 21 8:19 pmHope everyone is staying safe out there! Here's a way to practice your reps without clubs. I have a broom (can square it up like a golf club) and old corona box with towels. I'm doing our split grip drill highlighted in the HOW TO SERIES. I ended up destroying the box!! 💪 View on IG 219 13
Lucas Wald Instagram post from March 18 9:38 pm@trevorimmelman swing circa 2003! Sick!! Reminds me of TW circa 2001. Thanks for posting @claudeharmon3 💪💪 #vintage #moveandrotate - View on IG 140 11
Lucas Wald Instagram post from March 17 9:00 pm72 yr old student. Classic in and over. Crazy good ball striking today! Oh and we got his driver to 100+ mph! 💪 YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN . View on IG 84 5
Lucas Wald Instagram post from March 17 3:09 pmGolf course closed so we train at home! Awesome stuff from this 10yr old student. #wepraisetheprocess💪 View on IG 58 2