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Work directly with Lucas Wald to improve your swing mechanics and advance toward becoming an elite ball-striker. Make rapid progress with high-impact, personal, one-on-one lessons. For juniors, enthusiasts, elite players, and anyone striving to swing like a legend.

Video Training Series

Series 01

Full Swing

Full Swing Mechanics
This series is all about helping you improve your golf swing quickly by breaking the swing down into its component parts and giving you specific practice direction.

Master these key elements of the swing and you’ll see improvement fast!
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Series 01A - Expansion

Full Swing EEP

Exercise Expansion Pack
The EEP was developed by Lucas to accelerate advancement toward becoming an elite ball striker.

After learning the foundational elements in the original How-To Series, the EEP is the next step toward building precise ballistic movement throughout the various swing components.
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Series 02

Short Game

Short Game Mechanics
This series is all about the swing mechanics of the short game.

Learn to understand the key differences in swings, recognize common mistakes and errors, and practice with helpful drills to ultimately lower your score.

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Swing like a legend

Lucas has been sought out by some of the biggest names in the game for his groundbreaking research on the golf swing, and he’s known for his student case studies – with juniors, adult amateurs, and tour pros – that show that significant improvement in power and ball striking is possible in golfers of all levels.

Specialty Golf Swing Tools

♦ Free to use!

Golf Swing Analyzer

Compare your swing over time to measure progress
Compare your swing to the swings of the legends
Compare the legends with each other
The Swing Analyzer was designed to accurately compare golf swing video footage. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a coach, this software will help build a greater understanding of swing mechanics.

This system is free to use and requires no account or download.

  • Extensive footage library
  • Load your own swing videos
  • Scrub, play, pause
  • Zoom, mirror, and reposition
  • Draw and highlight
  • Free to use
  • No download or account required

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How to Swing Like a Pro - Golf Swing Transition

Now it’s time to focus on the transition – this part is probably the most important! Be meticulous in your practice. Start slowly and make sure you’re doing it properly before you speed things up. Get this right and you’ll see that it helps with power, too!

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