Video Training Series

This series is all about helping you improve your golf swing quickly by breaking the swing down into its component parts and giving you specific practice direction – master these key elements of the swing and you’ll see improvement fast!
Series Outline:

  • How To Move Your Hips on the Backswing 3:38
  • Add the Arms to the Backswing 2:51
  • Golf Swing Transition 2:52
  • Shallowing and Steepening 3:53
  • Transition Pt. 2 7:10
  • Impact 4:47
  • Drills Intro 1:00
  • Drills: The Dance Move 2:42
  • Drills: Slow Motion 4:29
  • Drills: Medicine Ball 1:02
  • Drills: Split Grip PVC 1:52
  • Drills: Swiss Ball 2:36
1 Year Access
This series expansion was developed to accelerate advancement toward becoming an elite ball striker. After learning the foundational elements in the original How-To Series, this is the next step toward building precise ballistic movement throughout the various swing components.
Series Outline:

Included Training Drills
  • 01 Gross Movements Warmup 1:42
  • 02 The Band Stretch 0:58
  • 03 The T Bar 1:45
  • 04 The Powerful Backswing 1:16
  • 05 The Switchback 1:09
  • 06 The Ski Pole 1:05
  • 07 The Vasey 0:49
  • 08 The Force Couple 1:27
  • 09 The Medicine Ball PVC 1:35
  • 10 The Cobra Kai 1:32
  • 11 The John Daly 1:08

1 Year Access
This series was created to help you improve your short game and lower your score. Focus on key elements to minimize distraction and maximize results. Bonus putting section with Brad Faxon.
Series Outline:

Short Game
  • Intro 0:51
  • Standard Pitch 3:41
  • Standard Chip Shot 2:49
  • 3 Common Mistakes 2:13
  • High Soft Pitch 2:04
  • Grainy Lie Pitch 1:42
  • 50yd Pitch 1:51
  • Low Pitch 1:35
  • Spine Angle 1:19
  • Motion and Movement 2:01
  • Standard Bunker 5:03
  • Plugged Lie Bunker 1:15
  • 3 Common Bunker Errors 1:12
  • Seve Line Drill 1:07
  • Glossary 4:29
  • Wrap Up 2:48
Bonus Material
  • Putting with Brad Faxon 27:17
1 Year Access

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Series FAQs

For what skill level are these series designed?
All levels. Beginners can adopt correct technique while more advanced golfers can improve key elements.
What's the Exercise Expansion Pack?
The EEP was designed to extend the Full Swing Series by providing additional exercises. This is not a standalone series and should be combined with the Full Swing Series.
How do I access the series?
After purchase you will receive an email with an access link. Alternately you can use the email address used a the time of purchase to access the series.
What happens after my 1 year of access expires?
After one year elapses your access will expire and you will not be able to access the series without purchasing another year of access.
Is there an automatic renewal?
No, there is a one time charge for one year of access. After purchase you may access the series immediately using your email address. An access link will also be emailed to you along with a receipt.
“Lucas has shown me different ways that the greats swung the golf club and how we as modern golfers can change and get better.”
— Brad Faxon
“There are not many teachers out there who recognize the moves of the greatest players of all time, and understand them fluently enough to be able to teach them. Lucas Wald certainly does that.”
— Brandel Chamblee
“Lucas Wald is such an exciting, young teacher who can break down the golf swing using timeless yet super modern techniques. His enthusiasm has been a big motivator for me and my golf game has really improved because of it!”
— Shane Battier, Miami Heat