The complete Lucas Wald How-To Series

This series is all about helping you improve your golf swing quickly by breaking the swing down into its component parts and giving you specific practice direction – master these key elements of the swing and you’ll see improvement fast! Ready to take your game to the next level?

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How-to Series

Series Outline:

  • How To Move Your Hips on the Backswing (3:38)
  • Add the Arms to the Backswing (2:51)
  • Golf Swing Transition (2:52)
  • Shallowing and Steepening (3:53)
  • Transition Pt. 2 (7:10)
  • Impact (4:47)
  • Drills Intro (1:00)
  • Drills: The Dance Move (2:42)
  • Drills: Slow Motion (4:29)
  • Drills: Medicine Ball (1:02)
  • Drills: Split Grip PVC (1:52)
  • Drills: Swiss Ball (2:36)

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