Ever wonder how your swing stacks up against best in the game?
Ever wonder how your swing stacks up against best in the game?
Curious about whether or not your practice is actually improving your swing? Well, now you can quantify your swing mechanics and chart your progress with Swing Score, our proprietary system for grading golf swing technique. We've taken all we've learned about the greatest players of all time and distilled those elements into an algorithm – you send us videos of your swing and we will send you a score. Whether you're a touring professional or an adult amateur, Swing Score will tell you how you compare to the greatest swings of all time.

How it works

  1. Send us a video of your driver swing.
  2. Pay $30.
  3. In 1-2 weeks you’ll receive your Swing Score number. It's that simple.

What you can do with your Swing Score number

  • Brag to your friends about how great your swing is.
  • Get a sense of how you stack up and leave it at that.
  • Use Swing Score as a baseline measurement of your technique. As you improve,
    Swing Score is a great way to chart and quantify progress along with way.

How to shoot your video

  • Use a driver swing (hitting a ball at normal speed).
  • Shoot in slow motion (at least 120 frames per second – an iPhone or Android phone will work great).
  • Use a tripod if you can (it’s important that the camera stays still).
  • Shoot one video down the line and one video face on.

Get your
Swing Score

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